Utah ATV Trails

Utah by far has the best ATV Trails any where. There is more trail systems than any other state. You have the Shoshone ATV Trail in northern Utah, The Strawberry Trail System in central Utah and the Pauite and Arapreen in southern Utah. You also have Moab, Murdock Basin, Soapstone Basin, Gooseberry, West Desert, 5 Mile Pass riding areas. You would be hard pressed to find an area that doesn't have ATV Trails!

Check out Utah ATV Trails with trail information and descriptions.

I know you want to keep your favorite trail a secret but it is one of these catch 22 things. You don't want everyone to go to your favorite ATV trail, but if people don't use them they will be CLOSED! The more people riding them the harder it will be to close them. I have included this information to the best of my knowledge. Always check with the local land managers for current information on a particular trail. Refer to our Visitor Agreement.